Abstract Form

LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates have been created to facilitate the preparation of digests. Authors are encouraged to use them.
They can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

PhDSymp2010_LaTex_abstract_template.zip for LaTeX users,
PhDSymp2010_Word_abstract_template.zip for Microsoft Word users.


To create the digest file simply unzip the file open phdsymp2009_LaTex_abstract_template.tex (phdsymp2010_Word_abstract_template.doc) and retype it with the contents of your digest.
The digest must be a ONE PAGE document.
Please follow the instructions and styles as in both templates can be seen. Please make an Adobe PDF document and make a compressed ZIP file that contains the source (.doc or .tex), the figure separately, and the CR Adobe PDF file. The usual image files are welcome: EPS, PS, TIFF, GIF, JPG, etc... Your digest will look better if your images have sufficient resolution. The upper size of the compressed ZIP file is 5 MB, exceed this limit the online abstract-uploading will be not working.